Since its creation in 2006, Act Like You Know has empowered generations of Lehigh University students to find their voice, celebrate their identities and speak their truth authentically, using the limitless creative self-expression that only Hip Hop can provide. 

I created a YouTube channel to document and celebrate the important work my students and I have created.  This digital archive consists of 200+ videos mapping 10 years of  performances, show trailers, and montages showcasing students enrolled in Act Like You Know, and the cast of Gener8-tion Txt. The channel also features several videos of interviews and talks I have given and other miscellaneous video projects I have done for Lehigh University.

Uniting my expertise as an acting instructor and director with my passion for Hip Hop, I have created a unique learning experience where students transform from pupil to performer and class to ensemble; culminating in a live show before a very large, very enthusiastic audience of friends, family and peers. Each class represents a different generation: 1.0 being the first, 2.0 the the second, and so on.

Visit the channel, browse the playlists - organized by generation, to get a better feel for this transformational course and the work we've been doing in it for the past decade. Below, are select video clips to get you started.  Enjoy!