Dedicated to cultivating new voices from the Hip Hop generation, Kashi Johnson and Teniece Divya Johnson co-Founded Redsun Productions in 2005 as a performance platform to cultivate talent, showcase local Hip Hop artists and aspiring performers; and in so doing, strengthen and enrich the local Hip Hop community in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. 

Redsun Productions co-founder  Teniece Divya Johnson ,  M1  of   Dead Prez   and  Kashi Johnson.

Redsun Productions co-founder Teniece Divya Johnson, M1 of Dead Prez and Kashi Johnson.



The response to Redsun has always been overwhelmingly positive and supportive, as evidenced by the popularity of our open mic show The HipHopCollective. Produced nearly 50 times in the last ten years, we curate a show that to date, has featured the creative work of 32 professional artists, including HBO Def poets, Alvin Ailey trained dancers, Broadway actors and SONY music recording artists. Moreover, it’s showcased over 100 Lehigh Valley residents and routinely plays to sold-out audiences. 

“It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.
— Rakim | I know you got soul