Facebook Use Is Mandatory For Class At Lehigh-U

Social networking is taking center stage at one class at Lehigh University. Some theater students are now required to log on and blog on Facebook. "It works for me because I do use social networking," said Kashi Johnson, associate professor of theater.

"You have no excuse now not to do your homework," said student Jarard Cribbs. "They're to have conversations about things that we do in class, questions they may have, things that they want me to see," said Johnson.

Surprisingly, at first, some were skeptical. "You have to be willing to open yourself up to the rest of the class," said student Andrew Chupa. "I didn't know how well everybody in the class was going to respond to it," said student David Quinones. But with the technology right at their finger tips, the must-do was easy to do.

"She'd send us the invite and at that point we'd start up a blog and we'd continue adding new threads to one blog," said Chupa. "It became a strong means of communication for the whole class, including the professor," said Quinones. "When the topic is hot, you know it," said Johnson. "It really brings the class to life and I think that's great."

For the Facebook friends, the social networking site... "Love it," said Cribbs. "Love it." 

Kashi Johnson